About JN College

About Us

The college by now has overcome four decades of its existence amidst many ups and downs. From the academic session 1986 the science stream of the college came in to existence. The purpose was just to give an easy access to the poor meritorious students of this locality to continue their science education for the choice of a better career in this age of science and technology.

The college at present has two streams both in Arts and Science in the undergraduate level. The college follows the syllabus and curriculums of the Assam Higher Secondary Education Council (A.H.S.E.C) and Gauhati University (G.U). The medium of instruction of the college is both in the regional vernacular in Assamese and English.

Our Vision And Mission

OUR VISION : To set a hallmark in the field of education and to preserve, create and diseminate knowledge through teaching, learning, innovation and experimentation to mould responsible individuals for leading a society with a desire for prograss and prosperity of the human race.

OUR MISSION : The following missions aim at translating the visions of the College into reality

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