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Curricular Aspects:

Related Documents for Slow Learner advance learner 2021-22

Report of Add on course on Basics of Automobile

Academic Calendar 2022-23

Analysis of Feedback 2022-23

Project work / Field Work 2022-23

Curricular Planning & Implementation 2022-23

Gauhati University Affiliation & CBCS Regulation

Curricular Planning & Implementation 2021-22

Analysis on Feedback Given By Stakeholders Session 2021-22

Student Feedback 2021-22

Student Feedback 2017-18

Student Feedback 2018-19

Student Feedback 2019-20

Student Feedback 2020-21

Numbers of Students Undertaking Field Work 2021-22

Numbers of Students Undertaking Project Work 2021-22

Add-on Course _ Un-Armed Security

Add-on Course _ Spoken Bodo

Add-on Course _ Retail Management

Add-on Course _ Mushroom cultivation

Add-on Course _ MS office Telly

Add-on Course _ Montessori Method

Add-on Course _ Human Right

Add-on Course _ Food Processing

Add-on Course _ Floriculture

Analysis of Feedback and action taken report 2021-22

Analysis of Student Feedback for 2020-21

Statement of Cross Cutting issues

Department wise syllabus of cross cutting issues

Students observation about college_additional 20-21

Action Taken Report on Feedback 20-21

Curriculum Planning and Implementation 2020-21

Students Field Visit Record 2020-21

Students Project Works under Experiential Learning for session 2020-21

Scholarship Record from Session 2016-17 to 2020-21

Curricular Aspects

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